Four bedroom house

Full Description

This large multi-tenanted property is made up of two very large two bedroom apartments. One apartment is currently tenanted at $475 a month and the second apartment comes with a $5,000 refurbishment to make it rental ready. You will also receive a two month rental guarantee on the vacant apartment, the two months rent will be credited to your account on closing so you get all of the rent on the day you close.Once the work is done on the second apartment it will rent quickly. This property is currently under management by one of the leading Detroit management companies.This property is located in Humber Park which is only three streets away from the entrance to the University District. It is also right next to the Historic Boston Edison and 4.9 miles from the New Center.


Investment Details


$11,400 rent a year.
$1,140 management fee.
$1,066 taxes.
$800 insurance.
= 26% net return.

Key Information

Property ID: 24896016
Price: £25,046
Property Type: Townhouse

  • Residential Property
  • House

This large four bedroom multi unit house is amazing value at only $31,900 for two apartments.