Currency Platform

We will allow you to move money around the world at some of the lowest market rates. Better still the system is a pure online platform so you will no longer need to talk to your banks but instead you can log onto our platform and book your own deals from the comfort of your own PC. For those that have niche currency requirements there are also some unique aspects of the platform that can help you navigate the markets and take advantage of small movements.

  • Simplicity: Register in seconds online; Book a foreign currency transfer or lock in a rate for the future instantly, enter where the funds are to be sent. It is as simple as that.
  • Availability: The platform is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The expert support team are available during office hours Monday-Friday.
  • Cost Saving: Most banks will charge between 2-4% and other hidden handling charges. You can expect to save anywhere up to 3% using our system. This means that for every £100,000 transacted you could save up to £3,000.
  • Time Saving: In addition to the significant cost saving there is also the time saving factor. A payment could take no more than a minute to execute and there is no need to talk to your bank or your broker.
  • Instant Contract: This enables clients to convert one currency into another at market leading rates of exchange. The foreign currency can then be sent to bank accounts in over 140 countries. This type of Contract is sometimes called a "Spot Contract".
  • Forward Contract: This enable clients to fix the rate of exchange today but not actually pay for the foreign currency or send the foreign currency overseas until a later date (up to a year later).
  • Order Contract: This enables a client to select the rate of exchange they would like to achieve for a given amount of currency. Our system will then monitor the entire market, 24 hours a day, days a week. If the rate is available anywhere, our system will book a payment for the client and let them know by email.
  • Security: Your funds are held in segregated accounts with Barclays Bank Plc and all transactions are insured up to £1M by Hiscox Plc.
  • Next Steps: Open an account today online with no paperwork required. Our customer services team will call you and talk you through the system. You will never have to deal with banks or brokers again!